Erik Anderson [.net]

Welcome to my personal home page.

You can e-mail me at erik AT erikanderson DOT net (...or .org or .us).

My work...

Work for hire:
I took over development of the Expospace system in the summer of 2003 and produced the first complete version of the system. Coded in PHP, Macromedia Flash ActionScript, and utilizing a transactional SQL database, exhibitors and attendees can see a dynamic floor map of trade shows utilizing our system. A demo version is available for viewing at the site.

Gaming related:
Team Fortress File Factory
Written using PHP and utilizing a mySQL database, this is a site I run that allows people to download different files for both TF and TFC. Coded from scratch.

[Very old] web pages for school:
Pearl Harbor - The Bombing
A project for my language arts class at Whittier Middle School in 8th grade (1999). General facts about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Alternative Fuels - the future power for automobiles
A project for my physical science course at Norman High School North in 9th grade (2000). Focuses on various alternatives to gasoline for fueling vehicles. This information is probably now outdated, but some of it may prove useful.
The Endocrine System
A project for my biology course at Harrisonburg High School in 10th grade (2001). Fairly basic site that lists some of the glands that are a part of the endocrine system along with what they do.
PCBs: Polychlorinated biphenyls | The Hudson River Cleanup
An "issue" project for my chemistry course at Harrisonburg High School in 11th grade (2002). Discusses the dangers of PCBs and focuses on the cleanup of them in the Hudson River. At the time the site was created, cleanup options were still being discussed. General information about the dangers should still be accurate, however.