PCBs: Polychlorinated biphenyls
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Sources used in this project as well as links for additional information on PCBs and the Hudson River.

Sources Used
Clearwater Presents: The Hudson River PCB Story - Clearwater site which supports dredging and very vocal on issues.

GE's Toxic Timebomb - Riverkeeper's site with information on the Hudson River and PCBs as well as info on GE.

Hudson Voice - A site run by General Electric stating their information and giving reasons why dredging is a bad idea.

Additional Links
Scenic Hudson, Inc. - A nonprofit environmental organization "dedicated to protecting and enhancing the scenic, natural, historic, agricultural and recreational treasures of the majestic 315-mile-long Hudson River and its valley."

Hudson River PCB Superfund Site - The official Hudson River superfund site.

NYSDEC - Hudson River Assessment - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's site dedicated to the issue of PCBs and the Huson river.

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